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Special molecular sieve
Carbon Molecular Sieve
Carbon Molecular Sieve used in the PSA Nitrogen generation, the Nitrogen generation by Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) process is a technology used to separate nitrogen from a mixture of gases under p...
Insulating Glass Desiccant
Insulating glass desiccant from Dalian Haixin Chemical is mainly suitable for moisture absorption in the insulating glass to avoid fogging, even at very low temperature to keep clear and transparent a...
Molecular Sieve HT-55
Molecular Sieve HT-55 can be used for drying and purifying gas containing strong acid pollutants like H2S、HCl、Cl2 ect.. It has been proven to have a long service life with a predictable and economical......
HC-5 CO adsorbent
HC-5 CO adsorbent, used in CO separation and recovery from gas mixture with PSA, ,trace carbon monoxide removal from carbon dioxide , carbon monoxide enrichment from flue exhaust recycling in powder p......