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Special molecular sieve
HC-5 CO adsorbent
Special molecular sieve 2023-08-21

HC-5 CO adsorbent, used in CO separation and recovery from gas mixture with PSA, ,trace carbon monoxide removal from carbon dioxide , carbon monoxide enrichment from flue exhaust recycling in powder plant, as well as the enrichment of carbon monoxide from coal field gas, carbon monoxide removal from ammonia feed gas . Characteristics: high adsorption capacity, high crush strength, stable operation, long service life.
Product Spcification:

Item Unit Target
Shape Extrudate
diameter mm 1.6-1.7
Bulk density g/cm3 ≥0.8
Operating temperature Room temperature
Heat-resisiting temperature ≤450
Regeneration temperature 250-350
Crush strength N/P ≥30
Deoxidizing capacity ml/g 5
GHSV Hr-1 >5000
Service life Year >2