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Special molecular sieve
Insulating Glass Desiccant
Special molecular sieve 2023-08-21

Insulating glass desiccant from Dalian Haixin Chemical is mainly suitable for moisture absorption in the insulating glass to avoid fogging, even at very low temperature to keep clear and transparent and improve the thermal insulation performance of insulating glass, extend the service life of the insulating glass.

Compared with other similar products on the market, Dalian Haixin Chemical ZK series of insulating glass desiccant has the following advantages:
1, Ultra low packaging moisture, can ensure that the desiccant has a strong water absorption.
2, Super deep adsorption capacity, can ensure that the moisture in the glass interlayer is fully absorbed to ensure the insulation performance of insulating glass.
3, Ultra low powder drop-off, ensure the appearance of insulating glass and light transmission performance.
4, Ultra low nitrogen adsorption capacities avoid that the insulating glass becomes distortion in different temperature conditions and results in glass burst.
5, Qualified bulk density ensure that the filling of desiccant controls in the most economical and reasonable range.
6, Reasonable PH value ensures that the insulating glass spacer is not easy to be corroded and avoid salting-out effect.
7, High compressive strength, reduce the breakage during the filling process to avoid slag and dust polluting glass.
8, Low static electricity ensures that the desiccant won’t attach on the pipe wall and avoid pipeline blocking.
9, Only using 3A molecular sieve as raw material to ensure the quality of products. Never add other types of molecular sieves in order to avoid insulating glass "breathing".