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Pd catalyst
Pd catalyst is mainly used for deep purification and deoxy for hydrogen, argon, nitrogen and other gases, widely used in a large fertilizer plant, hydrogen plant. The product has high catalytic activi......
HC-105 catalyst
HC-105 is a highly efficient catalyst for the deoxidation catalyst, mainly applica ble to the removal of oxygen impurities for hydrogen, nitrogen and hydrogen gas mixture. High activity, with high com......
HC-6 catalyst
HC-6 deoxidizing agent is used to remove oxygen from propylene for propylene polymerization. It is also used to deeply remove trace oxygen form non-acidic gas. Characteristics:high adsorption capacity......
HC-4 deoxidizing agent
HC-4 deoxidizing agent, mainly used in the polymerization of propylene depth deoxy before, help protect the polymerization catalyst, improve product quality polypropylene. Its characteristics: stable ......
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