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Pd catalyst
Deoxidizers 2023-08-21

Pd catalyst is mainly used for deep purification and deoxy for hydrogen, argon, nitrogen and other gases, widely used in a large fertilizer plant, hydrogen plant. The product has high catalytic activity, high-deoxy-depth, easy to operate, safe to use, do not need regeneration, long life characteristics. The product use activ ated alumina or titania as a carrier, which can meet different demand for the customers.

Product Spcification:
Shape Unit HC-2 HC-3
Appearance Beads Extrudate
Diameter mm 3.0—5.0 3.0—3.3
Carrier Al2O3 TiO2
Bulk density Kg/m³ ≥650 ≥1100
Crush strength N/cm² ≥100 ≥140

Deoxy depth:
Through a catalytic deoxygenation for water electrolysis hydrogen, nitrogen air separation, crude argon, the residual oxygen can be less than 30ppb.