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Dalian Haixin-Application of molecular sieve activation powder
INDUSTRY NEWS 2024-03-25

Molecular sieve activation powder is a kind of powdery molecular sieve, which is made from the original molecular sieve powder 

through high-temperature drying and roasting. It has excellent dispersion properties and the ability to quickly absorb trace amounts of moisture.

The following are some application scenarios:

1. Polyurethane systems such as paints, coatings, adhesives, etc.: Molecular sieve activated powder can effectively remove unnecessary reaction 

water in materials and improve product stability and quality.

2. Manufacturing of insulating glass strips: During the window manufacturing process, it can be used to remove moisture from coatings and 

sealing materials to improve product quality and performance.

3. Epoxy zinc-rich coating: It can inhibit the reaction between moisture and zinc and improve the anti-corrosion performance and durability of the coating.

4. Specific polymer production: Gases such as carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide generated during the production process can be adsorbed 

by molecular sieve activation powder, thereby improving the purity and quality of the product.

In addition, shaped molecular sieve is also an important application. It is made by mixing, shaping, drying and high-temperature roasting of 

raw molecular sieve powder and binder.

This kind of molecular sieve has the characteristics of regular appearance and shape, and is widely used in many fields such as gas adsorption separation, 

catalysis, ion exchange, etc.

For major national pillar industries such as petroleum refining and chemicals, coal chemicals, fine chemicals, steel and non-ferrous metal smelting, 

nuclear power, as well as hydrogen energy, soil remediation and treatment,

Emerging industries in the country such as energy conservation, environmental protection, medical health, etc. all play an important supporting role.

The above content is for reference only. It is recommended to consult professional molecular sieve books to obtain more comprehensive and 

accurate information.