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Dalian Haixin-Application of activated carbon
INDUSTRY NEWS 2024-03-20

Activated carbon is widely used in various fields due to its strong adsorption, large surface area, and good chemical stability. The following are the main application areas of activated carbon:

1. Environmental protection and air purification: Activated carbon can be used to remove toxic and harmful gases and deodorize, such as preventing gasoline vapor loss and radioactive pollution. In terms of air purification, activated carbon is used to absorb harmful gases and odors in the air to improve air quality. It is often used in air purifiers, gas masks and air filters. In addition, activated carbon can also be used for deep purification of drinking water, urban sewage treatment, industrial wastewater treatment, etc.

2. Food industry: Activated carbon is used in the food industry to remove color, odor and bad taste, 

thereby improving the quality and taste of food. It is often used in the processing of syrups, 

fruit juices and alcoholic beverages for decolorization, deodorization, colloid removal and stability improvement.

3. Chemical industry and pharmaceutical industry: Activated carbon is used in the chemical industry to separate and 

purify chemical substances, as well as adsorb impurities. In the pharmaceutical industry, activated carbon can be 

used for selective adsorption and purification of antibiotics, vitamins, hormones and alkaloids.

4. Mining and atomic energy industry: Activated carbon is used in mining to extract precious metals and rare elements. 

In the atomic energy industry, activated carbon is used for the purification of helium.

5. Industrial water purification: Activated carbon can be used to purify industrial water such as semiconductor 

integrated circuit products and pharmaceutical water.

6. Agriculture: Activated carbon can be used as long-lasting pesticide and soil improvement in agriculture.

7. Gas storage and separation: Activated carbon can be used for gas adsorption, storage and separation, 

such as the processing of natural gas and hydrogen.

8. Tobacco industry: In cigarettes and tobacco products, activated carbon is used as an adsorbent to reduce 

the content of some harmful substances in smoke.

9. Battery manufacturing: Activated carbon can be used as an electrode material for batteries, especially in 

electrochemical double layer capacitors (supercapacitors).

In addition, activated carbon is also used as a catalyst (such as trichlorethylene, ethyl chloride synthesis, etc.) 

and catalyst carrier (such as activated carbon impregnated with copper, silver, zinc, molybdenum, TEDA, etc. for anti-toxic materials).

To sum up, activated carbon is widely used in environmental protection, food industry, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, 

mining, atomic energy industry, industrial water purification, agriculture, gas storage and separation, tobacco industry, battery manufacturing and other fields.