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Dalian Haixin-Application fields of carbon molecular sieves
INDUSTRY NEWS 2024-03-14

Carbon molecular sieve is a new type of adsorbent that is widely used in many fields.

1. Gas separation: Carbon molecular sieves can selectively separate and filter molecules, so they are widely used 

in gas separation and purification.

In industrial fields, such as gas purification, air separation and hydrogen separation, 

carbon molecular sieves play an important role.

In particular, nitrogen-generating carbon molecular sieves (CMS) are used to separate air and enrich nitrogen, 

using a normal temperature and low-pressure nitrogen process.

It has the advantages of low investment cost, fast nitrogen production and low nitrogen cost. This kind of nitrogen 

is used in the chemical industry, oil and gas industry, electronics industry,

It is widely used in the food industry, coal industry, pharmaceutical industry, cable industry, metal heat treatment, 

transportation and storage, etc.

2. Sewage treatment: Carbon molecular sieves can also be used to remove pollutants in water and filter tiny particles 

and organic matter to purify water sources.

This technology has been widely used in sewage treatment plants and drinking water purification equipment.

3. Medical field: Carbon molecular sieves can also be used to make artificial livers to filter toxic substances in the human 

body and help patients recover from health.

4. Catalyst carrier: The pores of carbon molecular sieve can accommodate many catalysts, so it can also be used as a catalyst carrier 

to catalyze chemical reactions and increase reaction rate and efficiency.

With the continuous development of technology, the application fields of carbon molecular sieves will also be further expanded. 

In general, carbon molecular sieves have important application value in industry, environmental protection, medical and chemical fields.