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Molecular sieve used for the removal of VOCs
Molecular sieve used for the removal of VOCs 2023-05-12

ZSM-5 from Dalian Haixin Chemical Co., Ltd has high hydrothermal stability, high specific surface area, outstanding shape selective catalytic effect, wide range of silicon to aluminum ratio, unique surface acidity and low carbon deposition. Based on above advantages, our ZSM-5 can be widely used in many fields include oil refining industry, fine chemical industry as well as environment protection industry. In addition, ZSM-5 with different silicon to aluminum ratio can be used in different application fields.

Main applications of ZSM-5 are as follows:

1, Applications in oil refining industry:
Applied in diesel hydrodewaxing, catalytic dewaxing of lubricating oils, recovery of gasoline octane number, olefin reduction of catalytic cracking gasoline and shape selective transformation of aromatics and methanol.
Many famous processes are based on ZSM-5, such as Mobil Distillate Dewaxing (MDDW)process , Mobil Lube Dewaxing (MLDW) process, M-reforming process, Mobil-Badger ethylbenzene synthesis process, Cyclar process: from LPG to BTX, xylene isomerization process(MVPI), toluene disproportionation process and methanol to gasoline process(MTG).

2, Applications in fine chemical industry:
Applied in from DEG to 1,4-diethylene dioxide, from isobutene and methanol to MTBE, and synthesis of 3,5-dimethylpyridine.

3, Applications in environment protection industry:
Because of its strong adsorption capability to VOCs, ZSM-5 can be used in removal of thiophene, phenol, trichloroethylene, formaldehyde and H2S, and the conversion of NOx to N2. Phenol is a basic raw material widely used in chemical industry, and phenolic effluent can be produced during the processes of pharmaceutical and refining industry.

4, Applications in chemical anticorrosion industry:
Most of the liquid flow is corrosive in chemical equipment and pipeline which can be easily corroded, and the performance and safety of the process will be reduced. ZSM-5 obtains a good performance of anticorrosion to most corrosive liquid acid except HF. The anticorrosive property of the ZSM-5 coating is attributed to the zeolite membrane which are deposited densely and continuously on the metal surface with several nanometers thickness. The zeolite membranes of ZSM-5 can resist the corrosion of HCl, HNO3, H3PO4 and H2SO4 effectively.

5, Applications in electrochemical industry:
All solid state lithium polymer battery will be one of the most used chemical power source in the future with good application prospect because of its high energy density, good safety performance and portable feature. The conductivity of the microporous membrane will be increased effectively when the ZSM-5 is introduced. The comprehensive performance of electrolyte prepared by ZSM-5 is much higher than that of electrolyte prepared by Al2O3. The process is easy and suitable for industrialization especially. And ZSM-5 has a potential application prospect in methanol fuel cell.

Key features of ZSM-5 from Dalian Haixin Chemical.

1, Higher selectivity of the product.
With smaller crystal grain, shorter pore, lower intraparticle diffusion resistance, more exposed atoms and crystal gap, ZSM-5 from Dalian Haixin Chemical obtains a stronger adsorbent ability, and is especially good for big molecule activities and increasing the selectivity of big molecule.

2, Higher catalytic activity
The high catalytic activity performance of ZSM-5 from Dalian Haixin Chemical is attributed to the unsaturated bonds on the surface of molecular sieve, which can absorb other molecules easily. Our ZSM-5 has more activity than normal ZSM-5, when used in diffusion limited reaction and cracking reaction of big molecule with molecular diameter larger than molecular sieve pore size.

3, Longer catalyst lifetime
ZSM-5 from Dalian Haixin Chemical has a stronger anti coking capability, which can extend the catalyst lifetime. The product can be diffused out from molecular sieves pores of small crystal grain and it can reduce the depth of reaction and make the coking rate slow. After lots of experiment conducted by R&D center of Dalian Haixin Chemical, it shows that the smaller the ZSM-5 crystal grain is, the stronger the anti coking capability becomes, which can extend the catalyst lifetime.

4, Higher dispersity and loading quantity of metal
The catalyst performance is affected by the effective loading quantity and dispersity of metal. There is a limit for the metal content. If over the limit, the metal will cover the surface of molecular sieve and block the pores entrance which can reduce the activity and selectivity of the catalyst.
ZSM-5 from Dalian Haixin Chemical has larger surface area and more pore entrances, which can make the metal get into the pores easily to increase the dispersity and effective loading quantity. As a result, the catalyst activity is higher and the lifetime is longer.