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Molecular Sieve 5A-PSA
Molecular Sieve 5A-PSA
Molecular Sieve 5A-PSA 2023-05-12
The effective pore opening is 5 Angstrom.With good adsorption selectivity and high adsorption speed,5A-PSA is used for O2 generation, H2 generation, CO concentration and Coal Chemical Industry.
5A-PSA-H2 is used for H2 generation, CO concentration and the separation for n-and i-paraffin.

Item Unit Beads
Size mm 1.6-2.4
Water adsorption wt% ≥25
CO adsorption ml/g ≥30
N2 adsorption ml/g ≥11
Bulk density Kg/m³ ≥720
Crush strength N/P ≥35
Abrasion wt% ≤0.4
Moisture residual wt% ≤1.5