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​Application fields of molecular sieves
Molecular sieve is an important adsorbent and catalyst. Due to its uniform and stable molecular structure and good adsorption and separation properties, it is widely used in the following fields:1. Ga...
Principle of molecular sieve dehydration
The dehydration principle of molecular sieves is based on the selective adsorption of water molecules by its microporous structure. Water molecules are polar molecules, and the pore walls of molecular...
How to choose a molecular sieve that meets your application scenarios and needs?
Choosing the right molecular sieve mainly depends on the application scenario and needs. Here are some key factors:1. Purpose and application fields: Different molecular sieves have different adsorpti...
Uses of hollow glass molecular sieves
Hollow glass molecular sieve is a crystalline aluminosilicate mineral pellet, mainly used for drying air in double-layer glass interlayers. It can absorb moisture and residual organic matter in the in...