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Dalian Haixin-Application of molecular sieve activation powder
Molecular sieve activation powder is a kind of powdery molecular sieve, which is made from the original molecular sieve powder through high-temperature drying and roasting. It has excellent dispersion...
Dalian Haixin-Application of activated carbon
Activated carbon is widely used in various fields due to its strong adsorption, large surface area, and good chemical stability. The following are the main application areas of activated carbon:1. Env...
Dalian Haixin-Application fields of carbon molecular sieves
Carbon molecular sieve is a new type of adsorbent that is widely used in many fields.1. Gas separation: Carbon molecular sieves can selectively separate and filter molecules, so they are widely used i...
Application areas of palladium catalysts
Palladium catalyst is a commonly used catalyst widely used in many chemical reactions. It consists primarily of palladium metal and may contain other metals, non-metallic elements, and carriers. Palla...